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Belly Rings – Nascar – MLB – NFL – NBA Sports Teams

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

Belly rings are the rage these days along with other body jewelry including nose rings and nose studs and other or similar body jewelry. But which ones sell the best. The answer is that Disney, NFl belly rings, MLB baseball belly rings, NBA Basketball belly rings and even nascar and nhl belly rings sell the best. Recently mma including tap out belly button rings are starting to sell very well.

New York Yankees Belly Button Ring

One of the best selling belly rings according to is the New York Yankees belly button ring. has over 6 different ones to choose from. The Boston Red Sox belly ring, Chicago Cubs belly ring and Atlanta Braves Belly Button Ring all sell well. each ring has the authentic logo and sells very well both inthe respective states and outside of their states. We ship all over the world MLB Basebell belly button rings along with all the other sports. There are fans internationally!